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Your Property could be at Risk! Beware of Scams

24 March 2014 / By: / Under: News

Your property could be at risk!….

Before you enter into any Guaranteed Rent scheme with any agent make sure you have fully read the contract and any small print.

Beware! There are several scams taking place throughout London and the across the United Kingdom with rogue unregulated agents. They will certainly offer you guaranteed rents, however significantly below the true market value, sometimes as low as up to 30% lower. They then keep the residual amount as their hidden fee or commission. In addition your property is then let out and the agent does not oversee, manage or maintain your property. The next time they visit or you hear from them is when the property contract comes to an end and they simply hand back the property to the landlord in whatever state it’s in.

We are delighted to let you know that this type of underhanded activity does not occur when you deal with Assetgrove – the Guaranteed Rent Specialists. Firstly we pay rent at market rates and sometimes in certain areas due to demand, above market rates! When it comes to contracts, we also provide any prospective landlord looking to build a relationship with our company, with draft copies of a contract to look through and seek any legal advice, prior to any final agreements being under taken. As for the small print, there is none. We put everything in black and white and it’s in a normal size font for you to easily read!

When it comes to your properties and maintaining them in the condition you handed them over to Assetgrove, we look after them as if they were like any of our own properties. Our in house team will regularly visit our landlords’ valuable assets and carry out property inspections. Should any work be required, we provide the landlord with quotes to carry out any work, for them to consider. If requested our in house maintenance team will then also professionally complete any necessary remedial work. We can also agree payment terms to help landlords with their cashflow.

With Assetgrove, you will truly have total peace of mind that your properties are in safe hands with an agent that is accredited by the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme LLAS, and that we have the best interest in our minds and that is your best interest.

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