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Top tips on buying a new boiler 

2 January 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Value for money is an abiding concern for landlords, and this will extend to buying a new boiler.

Top tips on buying a new boiler

But with boilers as with a great many other appliances, such as white goods, it usually pays off in the longer-term if you invest more at the outset. This means investing in a boiler from a brand recognised for its reliability, and investing in a boiler with reliable components and a long guarantee.  

A quality boiler should always save you, the landlord, money in the longer-term. It is almost always a false economy to invest in a cheaper boiler from a less reliable brand. Boiler repair comes at a not inconsiderable cost, and an unreliable boiler will likely give you more problems and require more regular repairs. So, we encourage you to adopt this mindset when the time comes to buy a new boiler for your rental property.  

Here are some tips on buying a new boiler:

Tip 1 – Do your research

As when looking to buy anything new, whether it’s a TV, washing machine or tumble dryer, the internet makes it easier to carry out some independent research yourself prior to buying anything. Compare prices, read reviews, get recommendations. A boiler is a large expense, and a little research beforehand can pay off in making sure you purchase the right one for your property.  

Tip 2 – Buy a boiler from a reliable brand with good guarantees

Stick to buying a new boiler from a well-respected, reliable brand, such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Glow-worm or Baxi. These brands will usually offer good guarantees too, which is another important point. Always look for a long guarantee. Worcester Bosch, for example, offers some of the best boiler guarantees available on the market.  

 Tip 3 – Is there a good maintenance service?

This is incredibly important for landlords, as if the boiler breaks down at any time and your tenant reports it to you, you’ll want an engineer to attend to the issue that same day. Look for a boiler manufacturer that uses its own engineers. Some manufacturers will hire contractors who they will use for call-outs. This doesn’t mean the service isn’t good, but knowing you can call on a dedicated engineer at any time of the day or night is a real bonus in the event of an emergency.  

 Tip 4 – What boiler is best for your rental property?

The cost of the boiler will partly depend on its size, and in this, you will need to access what type or size boiler is best for your property. The main types of boiler are: combination, conventional, and a system boiler. Which one you choose will depend on how many people live in the property and how large the property is. Modern boilers are generally a lot more efficient than older boilers, so once the new boiler is installed, you can except to save on your energy bills.  

 Tip 5 – Hire a fully-qualified heating engineer to install it

It’s important to have any new boiler installed by a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer. It’s worthwhile getting a personal recommendation, or ask your letting agent if they can recommend someone. The heating engineer who installs the boiler must have the necessary qualifications – a Gas Safe certificate.  

Ultimately, your budget will determine which boiler you choose, but always look to gather recommendations and get a good sense of what’s available on the market for your type of property before following through with your purchase. The right boiler should prove reliable, and ensure you have many years of hassle-free heating for you and your tenants.

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