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Families require least property management time, NLA research shows

22 June 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Renting to families and energy efficient properties generally take up less property management time for landlords than renting to tenants on benefits, a survey carried out by the National Landlords Association (NLA) has found. Get more information.

best-value energy efficiency

The best-value energy efficiency appliances to buy

12 February 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Energy efficiency is a hot topic, but which energy efficient appliances represent the best value for landlords?

A quick guide to low energy lighting (for your buy-to-let)

 A quick guide to low energy lighting (for your buy-to-let)

1 November 2017 / By: / Under: Private Rental Sector, Landlords

In any discussion about lighting or lightbulbs, the words ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘low energy’ will inevitably arise. The old incandescent lightbulbs used a lot more energy in the production of