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Buy-to-let properties still a solid investment

Buy-to-let properties still a solid investment

12 December 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

In this article, find out from industry figures why buy-to-let property is still a solid investment.

Energy Efficiency Performance

5 tips for a more energy efficient rental property

3 August 2018 / By: / Under: Private Rental Sector

As energy efficiency standards continue to rise across the buy-to-let sector, landlords will need to make sure their properties meet the required energy efficiency standards, now and in the future. Discover 5 tips for a more energy efficient rental property.

New buy-to-let mortgage rules

New buy-to-let mortgage rules – what landlords should know

18 June 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

New guidelines issued by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) have resulted in more stringent tests for those applying for buy-to-let mortgages. What does this mean for landlords? Read this article to discover what landlords need to know about the new buy-to-let mortgage rules.

How to choose a buy-to-let mortgage

1 June 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Buy-to-let mortgages are for landlords who require a loan to buy a property to let out. But how do you choose a buy-to-let mortgage, and what should you be aware of? This article offers guidance for landlords on how to choose a buy-to-let mortgage.

Rent arrears experienced by approximately 50% of landlords

29 May 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Almost 50% of landlords have experienced tenants falling into rent arrears, as it’s revealed landlords largely worry about ‘problem tenants’. Find out what the research also reveals.

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