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RLA renews calls to scrap Right to Rent checks

11 June 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is renewing calls for the Right to Rent scheme to be scrapped in the same week when the scheme is being challenged in court.  

The Right to Rent checks, which aim to establish whether a tenant has the legal right to rent property in England, place the responsibility of finding out about a tenant’s immigration status squarely on the shoulders of the landlord.  

However, the scheme has proved contentious since it was first introduced in February 2016, with claims that it engenders discrimination and makes it harder for those who aren’t in possession of a British passport to rent property in England, despite having the legal right to do so.  

Director of Policy for the RLA, David Smith, said: “In reality the Right to Rent is creating a hostile environment for those who need, and are legally entitled to, housing in the UK but cannot easily prove it.” 

Smith continued: “The Windrush scandal has shown that even trained immigration officers can make serious mistakes. This highlights how inappropriate it is to demand that untrained landlords become enforcers of government immigration policy.” 

Research carried out by the RLA reveals that 42% of landlords are now less likely to rent to a tenant who doesn’t have a British passport out of fear of being caught out by the Right to Rent scheme.  

The RLA also asserts that the scheme is making it more difficult for tenants who cannot easily prove their right to rent to find a home, whether that be in London or elsewhere in England.  

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