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Renters to wield larger share of vote by 2021, according to data

4 November 2014 / By: / Under: News

london rentingRenters may be set to replace ageing babyboomers as the political force of the future, according to new research.

Figures from analysis by campaign group Generation Rent, showed that by 2021 107 MPs – including those in some safe Tory seats – will represent constituencies full of renters. This means that politicians will be under pressure to take their needs more seriously as they’ll make up a larger proportion of the voter base.

Seats included are the Conservative seats Bournemouth East and Bournemouth West; in which the percentage of residents in rented accommodation are expected to make up over half of constituents.

Reading East, Caversham and Peppard, as well as Ealing Central and Acton; are also expecting a growth in their renter populations. Labour seats are also affected – such as Luton South where the number of voters who rent is set to rise from 33 to 55 percent.

These figures show that landlords need to be aware of demographic changes over the next few years and be ready for further regulations when it comes to renting out their properties.

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