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Rent Guarantee Scheme

What is a rent guarantee scheme?

In the video Sot Sotiriou – Managing Director: We guarantee for the landlords their rent for the next 60 month, whether the property is empty or fullMany landlords aren’t sure what a rent guarantee scheme is – with many believing it’s merely some sort of insurance policy. It’s far more than this – in fact, this is the ultimate way to get ‘hassle free’ letting. Here at Assetgrove we can take the stress out of managing your property and can ensure you receive fixed monthly payments even if your property’s not rented out. Assetgrove offers up to 5 years guaranteed rent and will manage every single aspect of the tenancy during this period – with no monthly fees, commissions or hidden surprises to pay for. This is much easier for landlords in comparison to other services, as it’s a contractual agreement between them and us, where we take care of everything – ensuring our landlords have complete peace of mind. This innovative system means you’ll be protected against familiar risks associated with letting property and be able to effectively keep track of your cash flow.

“I urgently needed to rent my property before returning to the USA and other local estate agents approached couldn’t help due to the actual state of the property.

One of the agents recommended we speak to Assetgrove who came to meet me immediately that day. Having discussed what needed to be done all was agreed and 2 days later I was able to leave for Texas. A week later I received an email saying that they had found tenants and they had moved in. 

I am absolutely delighted with Assetgrove as I had my 1 bedroom property completely refurbished and starting to receive an income within 7 days.”

☆☆☆☆☆ Mosnumola Olatunji – London EN3 rated Assetgrove 5 stars

Why YOU should consider a rent guarantee scheme

As we said previously, a rent guarantee scheme has nothing to do with guaranteed rent insurance at all. It’s completely different. Our rent guarantee scheme is for all landlords looking for security when it comes to ensuring they get their rent paid. Our service will especially appeal to:

  • Both big and small buy-to-let landlords who have portfolios they need looking after and who want to be able to manage their cash flow with minimum stress.
  • Those ‘accidental landlords’ who are moving out of their property to another area – but who want to keep their initial property for whatever reason.
  • Expats living overseas who want to ensure they don’t have any hassle when it comes to receiving their rent as they’re far away from the UK.

And furthermore….

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Did you know:

  • According to statistics, the number of people claiming unemployment benefit is just under one million as of July 2014.
  • Unpaid rent totalled £279 million as from 2014.
  • Only 12 percent of landlords in the UK currently have legal expenses and rent guarantee insurance.

Scary, huh?

Rent Guarantee Scheme

Assetgrove’s Rent Guarantee Scheme – We can lease your property at a fixed monthly rate for up to five years.

How our service works

Assetgrove currently provides properties to more than half of the 32 London boroughs that make up the UK capital – and we are working on developing business relationships with the remainder. We take properties from landlords, or via letting agents – from studios to four-bed properties and we offer market rate rents.

There are a number of advantages the Assetgrove Rent Guarantee scheme has in comparison with a private tenant with an assured short hold tenancy (AST).

They are:

  • We can lease your property at a fixed monthly rate for up to five years.
  • We will guarantee there are no void rental payments. This gives you peace of mind – as private tenants are far more likely to miss monthly rental payments.
  • We make sure the property is occupied within 48 hours – as long as it’s up to scratch that is!
  • We deal with all tenant issues directly with the tenant to save you the trouble.
  • We maintain the property during the term of the contract, an advantage for landlords as private tenants are far less likely to repaint or repair the property.
  • We will take care of evictions. When it comes to getting rid of private tenants, this is a very expensive and time-consuming experience.
  • We will cover all utility and energy bills for you.

Why you should choose Assetgrove

We’re proud of our experience here at Assetgrove – which is why we know we’re the right company to manage your property.

When you lease a property to us, you won’t have to worry about any rent arrears. We’ll guarantee to pay your rent each month on an agreed date: there’ll simply be no arrears for you to worry about.

Here’s why you should pick us to look after your most precious asset(s):

  • We’ve got 35 years’ of experience under our belt and have specialised in guaranteeing the rent of a range of landlords since 1975. Our experience is virtually unmatched in this sector.
  • Based in North London, our staff are full-time property portfolio managers and are well-placed to look after your property.
  • We’ve built an outstanding reputation among investors, landlords and local authorities and we’ve an incredible amount of knowledge, ensuring our clients come back to us again and again.
  • We operate a fleet of maintenance vehicles which work full-time towards keeping our properties up to scratch and making the necessary improvements.
  • If an appliance breaks, a member of our team will visit the property as soon as possible to assess the damage. We will then provide you with a quote for fixing or replacing the item and you can choose as to whether you want to proceed with the work or alternatively, make other arrangements.

You can now concentrate on the things that really matter in life!




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