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Prepare for HMO changes, landlords told

26 September 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Landlords are being warned to prepare for the introduction of new legislation around Houses in Multiple Occupation next month.

HMO ChangesFrom October 1st, the criteria for Mandatory HMO Licensing is being extended. In practice this means that all HMOs much have a license if there are five or more people living within the property who are from two or more separate households. The number of storeys the property has is not relevant.

The changes to HMO licensing are being brought in with the aim to improve conditions and address the issue of overcrowding in some parts of the private rented sector.

Landlords in possession of HMOs will need to apply for a new license – or exemption – before the October deadline otherwise they will be committing a criminal offence under the new guidelines.

Those who apply for and are granted a mandatory HMO license before the deadline, that license will kick on from the deadline date.

The new licensing requirement is being introduced across the country.

It is estimated that the changes will lead to 177,000 HMOs being eligible for mandatory licensing.

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