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NLA sounds abandoned properties warning

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Tenants abandoning rental homes is a problem faced by more than a third of landlords in London. 

 NLA_sounds_abandoned_properties_warningA growing number of landlords from all over the UK have faced a potential loss of income after tenants left the property before the end of their rental agreement, new figures reveal.

One landlord in North London reports: “I received a call from a concerned neighbour saying the door to the property had been left wide open. It turns out that my tenant just upped and left without any warning, taking his dog with him.

“Luckily I managed to track the tenant down and he handed back the keys and moved his possessions out, but I never recovered the outstanding rent of over a £1000.”

The National Landlords Association warns that if a property is abandoned before the end of a tenancy agreement, the tenant retains the legal right to return at any time – even if they are in arrears.

New data from the NLA reveals that 33% of landlords in London have had to deal with abandoned properties

It advises owners that taking action preventing the continuation of a tenancy is a criminal offence.

A landlord’s only option is to go through the legal process for regaining possession of an abandoned property, which the NLA warns can take months.

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