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New Bill to stop ‘revenge evictions’ comes under fire

17 November 2014 / By: / Under: News

A new law being debated in parliament will “undermine confidence in the private rented sector at the time when it is needed the most”, according to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

The Bill is focused on ending ‘revenge evictions’ – which is defined as when landlords evict tenants instead of carrying out repairs or maintenance. Introduced by Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather, the politician has spoken out about problems that some of her constituents have encountered when they’ve received eviction notices. One example she gave the example of a tenant whose property suffered from cold and an infestation of cockroaches. The council had just served notice on the landlord to fix things, but the landlord evicted the tenant and re-let the flat instead.

The RLA has spoken out against the Bill, saying that it would affect the ability of landlords to use Section 21 notices to evict tenants – something that helps the private rented sector. The chairman added that the proposal would “cause severe damage” to a sector that “is providing much-needed homes for rent”; and that the Bill would be a ‘charter for anti-social tenants’.

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