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Mayor pushed on delivery of new affordable housing

21 July 2017 / By: / Under: London Property News

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is being urged to push the delivery of affordable new homes to help ease the housing shortage.

Last week the Mayor announced a £1.7 billion deal to build 50,000 new homes across the capital.

There are plans in place to build 90,000 more homes by 2020/21, and though this target remains within reach, some fear the planning process is taking too long.

Despite welcoming the announcement from City Hall, Sebastian Whitton, Director of Regenerate London plc, part of the Affinity group of companies, said: “London’s boroughs must look to move more efficiently in granting consents and face the housing crisis head on. Many are sitting on perfectly suitable sites, occupied by under-utilised or abandoned buildings, but few have the capability to develop these sites.”

He continued: “The borough councils must adopt a more commercial stance and demonstrate that they really are willing and committed to tackling London’s housing crisis.”

A growing population and rising immigration levels in recent years have led to a shortage of housing in London and the UK, a reality Chancellor Philip Hammond referred to as ‘the housing challenge’ in last November’s Autumn Statement.

Rising rents and house prices have locked many out of buying property, while multiple changes to the buy-to-let market aim to slow activity from investors.

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