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Majority of tenants treated “very fairly” by landlords, says survey

5 January 2015 / By: / Under: News, Landlords

Lettingweb has said that tenants are “overwhelmingly well-served by landlords and letting agents” after rival firm Your Move reported that Scottish rents reached an all-time high in November pushing more tenants into arrears; with landlords receiving higher returns.

This prompted the Labour Party to demand reforms of the private rental sector, with the party branding some landlords “exploitative”.

However, Lettingweb was quick to point out that landlords treat their tenants well on average. The agent also attacked political efforts to control rents, saying that the results of a survey showed that a large majority of properties were managed very well or quite well. The figures showed that less than a fifth were managed poorly.

While the poll was conducted in Scotland, there are similar discussions going on in the rest of the UK, with calls for rent controls echoing across the political spectrum. However, it appears that in Scotland the picture is not as gloomy as is portrayed, with most tenants seemingly content with their landlords. We suspect the picture could well be similar here in the rest of the UK, but we may have to conduct our own poll to find out…

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