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Landlords who rent to illegal immigrants face prison

6 August 2015 / By: / Under: Landlords

New measures to crack down on illegal immigration mean that landlords will be expected to evict tenants who lose their right to live in the UK.

Landlords will face a fine of up to £3000 per illegal immigrant with potentially five years in jail if they don’t check proper documentation.

They will be permitted to end tenancies without court orders when asylum requests fail.

The proposals come as tensions rise over a growing migrant crisis in Calais.

Councils will keep track of those who’ve been convicted of housing offences by keeping a blacklist of “rogue” landlords and letting agents. This could lead to them being banned from renting out properties if they’re to repeat offenders.

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BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33754595


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