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Landlords warned their EPC certificates could be unlawful

25 February 2019 / By: / Under: News, Landlords

A new report claims that up to 2.5 million UK landlords could be breaking the law by having an inaccurate Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for their property. Among them are tens of thousands, whose properties could fall below the E-rated minimum legal standard for rentals.

Landlords warned their EPC certificates could be unlawful


According to the report, from property technology firm Spec, EPCs have been wrongly recorded due to inaccurate measurement of the properties’ size and use of outdated techniques – with the calculation out by more than 10% in a quarter of properties.

Anthony Browne, senior advisor to Spec said: “Inaccurate EPCs present serious challenges and risks not only to property professionals, consumers and estate agents but also the environment.

“It means tens of thousands of landlords are unwittingly renting out their properties, opening them up to the risk of fines of thousands of pounds through no fault of their own. Measuring the energy efficiency of buildings accurately is essential in limiting their environmental impact and tackling the bigger global issue of climate change. If you are not measuring the problem properly, you won’t tackle it effectively.”

According to research by Spec, most Domestic Energy Assessors use old-fashioned techniques to measure floorspace, producing an average discrepancy of 8.6% or 87 square feet. This has a s significant impact on the accuracy of the EPC because a change in area of as little as 1% can alter the overall rating.

EPCs must be obtained before any residential property is sold or let. Property for rent must achieve at least an E rating – otherwise the landlord could face a heavy fine.

The report claims that 35,000 E-rated properties are currently being let illegally because, if measured accurately, they would fail to meet the minimum standard.

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