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More landlords running fire safety checks since Grenfell

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Increasing numbers of UK landlords are taking steps to address fire and safety measures in their buy-to-let properties, prompted by the recent disaster at Grenfell Tower.

Rise in fire safety checks by landlords since Grenfell

According to a survey from Simple Landlords Insurance, 32% of 500 landlords surveyed said they had checked the fire alarms in their properties to make sure they are working as they should.

Meanwhile, 15% of landlords had arranged for an assessment to be carried out on the property, and 17% of landlords installed a carbon monoxide alarm.

Landlords who run a property as a house in multiple occupation (HMO) proved the most likely in the last month to run fire safety checks and carry out fire assessments. HMOs are properties where the inhabitants comprise three or more individuals who are unrelated to each other. They rent their own room in the property, but share communal facilities, such as a bathroom and kitchen.

Gas safety and fire safety are issues of central important for landlords when they rent out properties to tenants, and it seems many landlords have been especially keen to check up on fire safety in their properties within the last month.

A proactive approach to fire safety is required by landlords, so these findings are largely positive, demonstrating that landlords are taking their responsibilities seriously.

Meanwhile, The Residential Landlords Association has issued a statement saying that current fire safety guidelines are outdated and sometimes ‘contradictory’.

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