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Landlords make £177bn in five years

19 January 2015 / By: / Under: London Property News, Landlords

Landlords make £177bn in five yearsResearch revealing that landlords have raked in £177bn in profit from capital growth over the past five years has led to accusations that they are taking advantage of tenants and whacking up their rents at every given opportunity.

But this does not paint a true picture of the situation, with the majority of landlords treating their tenants very fairly.

Instead, the high rate of capital growth reflect soaring house prices in the UK, especially in London. Demand for rental property in the UK capital is higher than ever due to a lack of supply and a large workforce.

There has also been a boom in the number of buy-to-let and ‘accidental landlords’ who couldn’t move so rented out their properties instead.

Critics claim that higher prices make it next to impossible for first-time buyers to get onto the ladder and that the growing number of landlords exacerbate this issue.

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