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Landlords face squeeze on costs as latest CPI figures set at five-year low

20 October 2014 / By: / Under: News

assetgrove 1Unprecedentedly low inflation rates mean that landlords will have to improve value for money if they want to continue being profitable.

The latest consumer price index (CPI) figures have been pegged at a five-year low of 1.2 percent. This means that under the reformed social rent formula, from April 2015 landlords will only be able to increase rents by up to 2.2 percent. This is instead of the current formula, which is the retail price index (RPI), at 2.3 percent plus 0.5 percent.

Rents will therefore only be able to increase by up to 2.2 percent, compared with 2.8 percent under the old system. Rental income will likely be less than expected and landlords will be under pressure to find efficiencies. As repairs services bought in usually increase in line with RPI, there will be a growing gap between rental income and repair costs.

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