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Landlords call for dedicated housing court

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Nine out of ten landlords support the creation of dedicated housing courts, according to new research from the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

calls for dedicated housing court


The association is calling on the new Justice Minister, Robert Buckland to establish a single, properly funded and staffed court to deal with housing issues.

In one of the largest surveys of landlords and letting agents, the RLA found that 79% of landlords, who had used the courts to repossess property, expressed dissatisfaction with the process, with 91% supporting the creation of a dedicated housing court.

Where a landlord needs to seek possession through the courts, the process currently takes more than five months from first application. The RLA has warned ministers that plans to end Section 21 no fault evictions will only increase pressure on the already stretched legal system.

David Smith, policy director for the RLA, commented: “Ministers are proposing some of the most far reaching changes the private rented sector has ever seen. If the new government decides it wants to proceed with these, it is vital that significant and bold reforms are made to the court system.

“With landlords and tenants failing to secure justice in a timely fashion, when things do go wrong, anything other than wholesale changes with proper funding to support it will lead to chaos.”

Issues with the current court system are not confined to landlords. Separate research from Citizens Advice revealed that more than half of tenants (54%) were put off taking court action against a problem landlord because of the complexity of the court system. A further 45% of tenants said that the time involved put them off using the courts to gain redress.

Read more about this story on the Landlord Today website.

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