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Landlord rents room to tenants which is impossible to stand up in

1 September 2014 / By: / Under: News

Tenants in a house in north London had to crawl on all fours in order to enter their rented room. The head height was so low it was impossible to stand up in. The course of the staircase was between 0.7 metres and 1.2 metres – and the door to the room was also small.

Rented property, as all landlords should know, is subject to rules on size and standards – however there are some unscrupulous landlords who are not taking these regulations into account. This news story shows that those who don’t comply will eventually be found out – with the owner of the property Yaakov Marom taken to court and ordered to pay a total sum of £3,040.

While councils do try to ensure rogue landlords are taken to court, they often rely on tip offs from members of the public. Unfortunately many tenants are unfamiliar with their rights and are unaware they’re being exploited.

This is why it’s essential for property owners to ensure their homes are in the right hands and that they have a reliable management company making sure everything is attended to and that their tenants are treated fairly and they’re aware of correct legislation.

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