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How Universal Credit (UC) sharing will help landlords

7 October 2014 / By: / Under: News

A scheme that allows Universal Credit (UC) information sharing with social landlords and local authorities could assist landlords to help tenants manage their financial affairs.

Enabling the DWP to share up-to-date information on who has applied for what, may improve the channelling of resources towards supporting tenants and residents.

The findings from the Government’s Direct Payment Demonstration Projects (DPDP) from 2012-2013, demonstrated that where direct housing benefit was administrated, landlords saw an increase in contact with their tenants; as more support was needed. This was especially evident when it came to financial products and payment methods.

Building strong relationships with tenants – be it from the landlord or an agency – is crucial. If more transparency when it comes to UC is likely to help communication, this can only be a good thing.

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