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How to make the most of a small flat

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Location, location, location. It’s the golden rule for property investment, but there are other factors which will impact the success of your rental property. When a prospective tenant is choosing their home, there is no doubt that size matters.

How to make the most of a small flatUnfortunately, your flat isn’t going to get any bigger physically, but you can make it feel bigger. A few changes could transform the look and feel of a property without breaking the bank. Here’s how to decorate a small flat to create the illusion of space.

Upward thinking

Don’t forget that the floor isn’t the only space that you can utilise in your flat. A little upward thinking could solve your problem because there is plenty of space on your walls. Elevate as many of your fittings as possible and you will free up valuable floor space to make room for more furniture and create a less cluttered feel.

You could start by mounting the TV on the wall, eliminating the need for a unit to stand it on. If there’s a desk in the flat, fit shelves or a cupboard above it to provide additional storage and choose the tallest shelving and cupboards that you can squeeze in, as any space above them will be wasted.

Fit hooks for hanging pots, pans, and utensils in the kitchen to preserve cupboard space and try to find a place for the bin in a cupboard. You can continue this principle in the bathroom by incorporating a wall-mounted cupboard and towel rail and by fitting hooks to the back of the door.

Nooks and crannies

Many flats boast little nooks and crannies which can appear to be wasted space, but some basic DIY will enable you to transform awkward features into useful storage areas which will considerably enhance the functionality of the property. Repurpose small recesses by creating cupboards and your small flat will be an altogether more practical place.

When less is more

If space is at a premium, don’t be tempted to cram too much furniture into the flat, even if you think it is necessary. You can overcome the problem by choosing multi-purpose pieces such as a day bed or a divan featuring storage drawers.

A footstool can provide additional seating, storage space, and a stand-in for a coffee table all at the same time and you should look for a dining table which could also act as a desk.

Most flats will benefit from the creation of separate areas, but your dividers don’t have to be walls or screens. Use bookcases to define your spaces instead for the ultimate feat of home décor multi-tasking.


You can’t enlarge your flat, but you can choose smaller pieces of furniture for it. Look for a small dining table but one which enables you to push the chairs underneath and feature a two-seater sofa in the living area. Source storage solutions which are tall but narrow to keep their footprint to a minimum and don’t forget that furniture with legs creates a greater sense of space than floor-standing designs.

Interior decoration for small flats

You might have to resist the temptation to include that bold feature wall that you fancied. Dark walls and slabs of colour will make the flat seem even smaller. Go for light colours and neutrals for your walls and ceilings as these will deliver the airy feel that you need and will open up the space. Neutral doesn’t have to mean bland – it’s easy to incorporate pattern and accent colour by adding a few interesting accessories.

Magical mirrors

Mirrors are the most useful of all decorative features if you are challenged for spaces, so your small flat decorating ideas must include mirrors. Wall mirrors won’t impact your floor space but will reflect more light into the room and create the illusion of space. They can be attractive decorative pieces which break up walls, but which are practical too. You couldn’t ask for more benefits from an affordable purchase which will stand the test of time.


It’s always annoying when you can’t find a ready-made solution to an issue, even when you have spent hours searching the high street or looking online. You might have to make or commission custom furniture to maximise your use of space, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the earth. Bespoke shelving, fitted cupboards, and a foldaway table could be the additions which transform an impractical room into a great place to live.

Attention to detail

It’s incredible what you can do with a small flat. If you carefully consider every detail from the size of the sofa to the height of the cupboards, you can achieve a miraculous transformation. It is worth taking the time to make sure you have used every inch of available space wisely, and that includes the walls and the backs of the doors. Think up, think under, think multi-purpose.

If you’re a landlord with a small flat to let, try some of the ideas listed above to make the most of your rental property. For lettings advice or rental guarantee options, contact us.

Neil Jennings

Neil is the Operations Director at Assetgrove Lettings, London's Leading Rent Guarantee Company, providing Landlords with no voids, property maintenance, fee-free property management and stress-free service.

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