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How Feng Shui can bring peace of mind to your tenants

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The key to attracting long-term tenants is to create an environment that enhances the happy and calm energy in their personal space. And an increasing number of landlords are turning to an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China.to achieve this.

Feng Shui is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

‘Feng’ means wind and ‘Shui’ means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, so good Feng Shui came to mean good fortune and bad Feng Shui misfortune.

Here are a few tips to enhance the feelings of wellbeing in your rental investment.


The first step to achieving good Feng Shui is decluttering. By decluttering a room, you declutter your tenants’ minds and, therefore, their lives.

Clutter restricts the flow of positive energy in a home, which is why – according to the Chinese – a tidy, organised living space gives its inhabitants calm and relaxed feelings.

Start by throwing away anything broken, unused or tainted with unhappy memories.

Next, keep your rental property in good repair. Broken things stifle good energy flow, so take steps to fix them.

It is also crucial to keep the entry door of your property clear of objects. The door is very important because it is the “mouth of Chi” or the opening for energy. This is where energy enters.

Make sure your home isn’t piled high with unnecessary objects. If you declutter your room you can clear your mind. It’s key to do this to ensure home life is relaxed and harmonious. If there’s too much clutter it restricts the flow of positive energy.

The bedrooms

The positioning of a bed is very important as you want it to be easily accessible from both sides. Avoid limited, physical flow in your room and you will have a good flow of energy. Don’t have your bed in direct line with the door and ensure that your wardrobes are clean and organised to bring peace and calm to your room.

Tip: Keep your door closed at night to avoid your mind wandering.


While many landlords prefer to decorate their rental properties in neutral tones, the Chinese believe different colours have different meanings and energies. Green represents health and growth, while yellow is nourishment. Brown is strength and stability and red and purple are considered lucky. White is for freshness and new beginnings, which is why it is a popular choice for rental homes.


Light and fresh air

Invite nature in by opening doors and windows. When night draws in, it is best to avoid bright light for an hour before going to sleep and allow your body’s natural cycle to move towards night. Soft light is good in the bathroom and dimmers in rooms in which you spend a lot of time.

Enhancing ‘chi’

Mirrors are good for this as they reflect positive energy and mean there’s more happy chi. But don’t place mirrors facing the front door as it will push your good energy out the door again. Plants are also good for positive energy and will change how a room feels. Fruit brings good energy too!

Tip: Oranges and lemons apparently bring good luck…

Relaxing sounds of nature

A playlist of natural sounds such as gentle waves, streams and chirping bird can make tenants really relax. If you have this playing in your rental property when prospective tenants come to view it, you’ll make them feel at ease. Just make sure that it’s a recording that’s made from sounds of nature and that it’s not electronically produced. When your space is calm, a tenant’s head is calm too and they will feel safe and inspired to move into your property.

Tip: Water features are good – even if it’s just a small one. ‘Shui’ does mean water after all!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these tips for your rental property and how to make it a haven of postive energy. Remember that if you want a really hassle-free existence, Assetgrove can take your mind off the daily stress of finding tenants and collecting rent with the Guaranteed Rent Scheme.


Neil Jennings

Neil is the Operations Director at Assetgrove Lettings, London's Leading Rent Guarantee Company, providing Landlords with no voids, property maintenance, fee-free property management and stress-free service.

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