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Health and Safety in rented properties

3 April 2014 / By: / Under: News

Landlords and lettings agent reminded of health and safety obligations

Landlords and lettings agents are being urged not to put tenants’ lives at risk by disregarding important health and safety issues. According to LetRisks, landlords and letting agents should make regular property visits to inspect for essential repairs and reduce the risk of tenants being exposed to dangerous and potentially life threatening hazards. A recent case saw a landlord jailed as a result of illegally installing a boiler and then repeatedly attempting to fix it himself when it became faulty.

With our professional and fully trained in house maintenance team, we ensure our Landlords’ properties are fully maintained throughout their Rent Guarantee agreement with Assetgrove. One of our team will regularly visit your property to check the state of the property and arrange for any neccessary work that may need to be carried out. With fully transparent communication with our landlords we provide quotes to the landlord for approval prior to commencing any required work.

Research has suggested that one in 10 people who rent their homes privately could be at risk from gas safety hazards, one in eleven are living in a home with electrical hazards and people living in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire. What’s more, over a third of renting families have a problem with damp in their homes and nearly one in five have a leaky roof or windows

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