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Number of buy-to-let investors has increased, HMRC data reveals

23 April 2018 / By: / Under: Landlords

Despite predictions that potential investors would be deterred from investing in buy-to-let and landlords would sell up and exit the market, research shows the number of buy-to-let investors in the UK has increased over the last tax year.

According to data from HMRC, the number of buy-to-let investors increased to 2.5 million in the tax year 2017/18, which is an increase of 5% on the 2016/17 tax year.  

The data shows that, regardless of multiple tax and regulation changes affecting the buy-to-let sector, landlords and investors have not been deterred.  

There is also a reported rise in the number of properties each landlord owns, with this rising five years in a row.  

Property remains a preferred form of investment, with the stock market often viewed as volatile and unstable. Continuing low interest rates have also contributed to a preference for property.   

However, there is a growing need for lenders to meet the diverse requirements of borrowers, and for greater flexibility in the buy-to-let mortgage market.  

Landlords in London and elsewhere in the UK are now subject to more regulation and taxation, but for landlords who seek advice and take a strategic, pragmatic approach, buy-to-let can still prove a good investment.  

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